The Monster Ball Anthology: Here’s what you need to know!

It’s now just 1 week until The Monster Ball Anthology releases! Cue the flails! This one’s so fun and fantastic, guys! Don’t miss out! In the meantime, I want to clarify some things readers keep asking me. Read on for a quick FAQ AND some fun things you can get your hands on RIGHT NOW before the Anthology releases on October 23!

Did you know?

  • The Monster Ball Anthology features 11 different stories–each from a different author. ALL of them take place at the SAME PARTY at the SAME TIME. How fun is that?! Each story is separate, though, so that means 11 new book boyfriends when you’re done. You’re welcome.
  • Collectively, this anthology is HUGE! The paperback is almost 700 pages (it releases 11/1). With so much content, I can tell you, these stories really do feel complete–though some will continue on and we can’t tell you which ones just yet!

Monster Ball banner

Also important:

  • The Monster Ball is a blind release! You’ll get to guess who wrote WHICH story beginning on release day, October 23! At the end of release week, 1 random winner gets a badass prize! (You don’t have to be correct to win!)
  • Then, on October 31st, we’ll reveal who wrote WHICH story–and we’ll publish a new version of the anthology to include author names. (If you want to re-download it to your device so you have the updated version, you can do that in your own settings on the website where you bought the book.)

Here’s what you can do NOW to get ready:

We’ll see you at the ball!


Themonsterballebookfinal (1)

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