Update and What’s Coming Soon

Hi, all! It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything resembling an update but I’m determined to do at least one in 2018–and oh look, we’ll just make it in!

As far as publishing and even social media, I was a little quiet this past year. What DID I release in 2018? I published two full-length books: The Girl Who Called The Stars & The Girl Who Ruled The Stars–which is full of romance and badassery and magic and saving the universe. AND I published 2 novellas. Tragic Ink (part of the Havenwood Falls shared universe) and another novella called Kiss of Death as part of The Monster Ball Anthology.

2018 releases

4 books published isn’t anything to sneeze at. Still, compared to 2017, it’s a little slow.

But in case you’re wondering, 2019 will be the exact OPPOSITE!

I spent today planning my year out, focusing on the first quarter of 2019, and it’s SO packed full with new projects! Here are a few coming in the first quarter of 2019.

I’m currently working on:
–Goddess Ascending #1 edits (coming 1/30. Pre-order now!)
–Goddess Ascending #2 (title TBA) draft
–secret co-write!! This one will blow your minds!
–Division 13: FREE newsletter story. (Subscribe!)

AND I’m proofing audio for Defiance (Heart Lines #5) which will release by end of Jan 2019. (The first 4 are available now on Audible.)

(Secret side thing: my agent is currently reading a YA contemporary we’re hoping to sign with a publishing house! Cross your fingers!)

ALSO coming in 2019:

– I’ve recently started a FB group called The Raw Honeys that has ZERO to do with being an author. It’s for women who are looking for a community of friends who support each other through positivity and encouragement while we look for ways to live more fully and love more unconditionally in our lives. I’ll be spending more time there this coming year and I’d love to see you there. Join here.


Whew! That’s all the news for now and I think that’s plenty to get things started.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

See you in 2019.

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