When Liam Met Cassie

Boy meets girl. It’s the way romances usually begin . . . and while we all love a happy ending, it’s the #MeetCute that wins our hearts. How did you two meet? The #MeetCute Books each have a unique answer to that query. Some might make you swoon, others might make you giggle . . . and some may … Continue reading When Liam Met Cassie


Exclusive Teaser: O Face coming soon!

It's Teaser Time, book nerds! I'm back to work after a fantastic hurrication (the technical term) in New Orleans and wrapping up edits on O Face which is definitely the sexiest thing I've written this year. And obviously a statement like that demands proof, so here's a a sneak peek for you. Meet Liam and … Continue reading Exclusive Teaser: O Face coming soon!